Control your outdoor living area with ease for year-round enjoyment

Function and Design

The Apollo Opening Roof System has the unique ability to bring you the best of all seasons in all types of weather.  The remote control enables you to open and close the louvers with a touch of a button from inside or outside.

The louvers rotate nearly 180° while having the ability to stop anywhere in between.

The Apollo Opening Roof System is made from high quality extruded aluminum and is available in two standard colors of unlimited finishes.  The louver sizes can be customized or louver sections combined to accommodate your needs.  


- Adjustable for shade and light

- Remote control option

- Wall mounted switch

- Promotes natural air flow

- Allows heat to escape

- Sleek, Contemporary Design

- Low Maintenance

how it works


Fully open for more light and breeze.


Partially close at almost any angle for shade and comfort


Fully closed to keep heat in or out.